A Little Bit of Strawberry Popcorn

I grew strawberry popcorn this year, and it’s been interesting. The kernels are a beautiful shade of red, but the ears are very small, and I didn’t get a big harvest. I picked a about a dozen ears, and several of them were close in size to an actual strawberry. This ear is one of the largest I harvested, and I’d say it’s about the size of two strawberries. So… it may just be me and my garden, corn-growing methods, etc., but I think I will try a different type of popcorn next year and hope for a larger harvest.

Strawberry Popcorn 4


2 responses to “A Little Bit of Strawberry Popcorn

  1. It’s beautiful!, are you going to try popping it on the cob?

    • Thanks! Hadn’t thought about it, but that’s an idea. The only problem we’ve had with this popcorn so far is that it produces really tiny kernels of popcorn (again, may not be the variety, may just be how mine turned out). But because of that, it’s working well to blend it in with other popcorn before popping.

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