Self Seeding Plants

The garlic chives I’ve been enjoying so much this year are starting to go to seed. I’d like to have more in other spots in our years, since the pollinators seem to love them, so I took these seed heads and scattered them in other spots in the yard where I’d like to see chives. We’ll see how well it works next year!

068 (2).JPG

One similar experiment with self seeding is the amaranth, growing below.  I grew some last year, and didn’t get around to planting again this year, but I had a few volunteers where the seeds had dropped last year. This year, I approached it more deliberately. I took the mature seed heads and dropped them in a spot in the yard where I hope amaranth will grow next year. It got a head start on me though. Some of those seeds sprouted immediately, and here they are. So this is a second amaranth “planting” for this year.

015 (2).JPG


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