Flea Beetle Trouble

The flea beetles are at it again. They eat tiny holes in the leaves of my eggplant, which seems to keep the plants from getting very big. Here’s a current photo.


And because this is a recurring problem, here’s an older one that shows more detail. This is from 2013.


The individual beetles are actually pretty easy to squish or knock off the plants, but it’s hard to completely get rid of them, so I’m resorting to organic sprays. Currently trying an insecticidal soap. We’ll see how that goes.


One response to “Flea Beetle Trouble

  1. My eggplants Are suffering from this as well. I’m using Diatomaceous Earth and it is helping a lot. Think if I dusted with this powder in the beginning of planting I wouldn’t have the pests. Hope yours get well soon.

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