Garlic Experiment

My husband has a habit of planting clover all around the garden and yard with the idea that it will improve the soil. Last year I was mildly irked that he planted clover all around the garlic I had planted. Surely having other plants competing for space and nutrients right around the garlic bulbs can’t be good for the crop? But he says (and this may be a good point) that because the clover was enriching the soil with nitrogen, it was actually beneficial for the garlic. How to solve this argument? See below.


So as you can see, we decided to test this question with this year’s garlic bed. Half the crop is covered with leaf mulch, half of it has a living mulch of clover. I have to admit that the clover side actually looks a lot stronger at the moment. But we won’t know for sure until it’s time to harvest the bulbs, and we can compare the end result.

To be continued…


One response to “Garlic Experiment

  1. Megan, not looking good for your argument about the clover. And yet, is the endpoint the weight of the crop or potency? Maybe the mulch side just is better garlic. Dad

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