Radishes to Tomatoes

I went a little radish crazy this year.

I’ve never really harvested that many radishes in past years, and looking around my garden last spring I decided I should really plant more. Since they’re cold hardy, and most varieties are ready to harvest after only about a month, they can be in and out of the garden before it’s warm enough to plant say, tomatoes.

So this year I planted radishes everywhere I wanted to put tomatoes (and if you’re having trouble picturing that, I usually grow about 16 tomato plants. )


I planted several types of radishes, but mostly these white icicle type.


And it worked out pretty well. I harvested hundreds of radishes, and now we’ve planted tomatoes in the same space. So, success(ion planting)!

What do you do with all those radishes? There are actually a lot of ways to eat them. Aside from eating them fresh, you can also roast them, but I especially like them pickled.

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