Unexpected Companions

I like planting different types of vegetables in the same garden bed, and sometimes I do that on purpose, choosing compatible crops to grow together. Other times, plants end up growing together by accident, and that may or may not work out. Here are a couple of examples of unplanned “companion plants” from my garden right now.

Dill in the Onions.jpg

Onions + Dill. I planted the onions, the dill was a surprise. Maybe it shouldn’t have been, because this is where I grew dill last year, and it produces lots of seeds. Anyway, there’s a fair amount of dill coming up between the onions, and that actually works pretty well. The onions will be ready to harvest soon, but the dill will keep growing, so it will have more space when it’s needed. I may also add some additional herbs to this bed once I harvest the onions.

Borage in the Beans.jpg

Beans + Borage.  I planted fava beans for the first time this year, and am excited to see how they do. Unlike most other beans, they do well in cool soil, so you can plant them much earlier. But that’s not what’s in this picture. This is borage, a cucumber-like herb, that is coming up between the beans.  As with the dill, maybe this shouldn’t have been a surprise. That’s where it was growing last year, and it’s an annual, but it produced seeds, and here it is again. Fortunately, the herb isn’t really in the way. There are just three borage plants that came up among the beans, and they happen to be near some other herbs (chives). So I’ll just leave it.

Potatoes in the Tomatoes.jpg

Radishes + Potatoes.  And here’s one that really doesn’t work. Last year we grew potatoes in this bed, and apparently we missed a few as we were harvesting because here they are again — shading and crowding out my radishes. The only reason I left them is because it’s just a few potato plants, and I didn’t really need any more radishes. (I planted a lot of radishes this year. But more about that another day.)

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