Snow What?

It’s been a weird spring, warm, and then cold, and then warm again. What is that doing to the garden plants?  Let me share a few photos.

March Photos

072 Snow Kale



As you can see, this year it snowed in March, which is a little late for this climate. Snow  isn’t a big deal for some plants, like kale (top), whose thick, green leaves are remarkably cold-tolerant. But for flowers it can be a bigger problem. The snow came when a lot of ornamental plants, like forsythia (middle) already had blossoms out. And the apple trees (bottom) in our backyard were just sprouting leaves and buds. That’s not as bad as if they had already been blossoming, but still not what you want. So what would happen? We had to wait and see.

April Photos

018 Kale

001 Tulips

064 Apples.jpg

So here are the results. As you would expect, the snow didn’t set the kale (top) back at all. It’s huge, and I’ve already harvested a lot of it. Some of the ornamental plants looked a little raggedy after the snow, so I will not embarrass the forsythia by posting a post-snow picture of it, but the plant itself will be fine. Instead, please enjoy these tulips (middle). The green leaves were already poking up when the snow came, but that didn’t bother them at all since they hadn’t blossomed yet. And finally, we got lucky with the timing of the apples. The buds have since produced blossoms (bottom), and are now well on their way to producing little fruitlets. Hooray!


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