Sunflower Update

I’m really enjoying having sunflowers in my garden this year. These flowers are over 10 feet tall, and I hope we’re eventually able to harvest some seeds. Here are a few recent photos of what’s happening with these huge flowers.

Bee and Sunflower 3.jpg

For about a week, bees were all over the flowers. This looks like it was taken at eye level, but only because of the angle and the fact that the photo was taken with a telephoto lens: The actual bee was way over my head.


Sunflower 3.jpg

Also, during that time, I think the sunflowers had some oddly human expressions. I look at this photo and think “Gasp!” Doesn’t it look surprised?


Sideways Sunflower.jpg

But, we’re now past that stage, with the sunflower petals withering and the heads all flopping over, so that they face the ground. This development is not especially attractive in an ornamental plant, but exciting if you’re growing sunflowers for the seeds. They’re not ready yet, but even here you can get a sense of the seeds forming under each little yellow flower.


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