Three Sisters 2016: August Update

This year I’m growing a three sisters garden  bed with corns, beans and squash planted together. And, it’s starting to look pretty good! Here are a few photos.


In the photo above, you can see all three plants doing more or less what they’re supposed to do. The beans are using the corn stalks as a trellis, while the squash plants fill in around the corn and beans.

KWB 2 Three Sisters.jpg

I don’t have any actual beans yet, they’re much later than last year. However, the plants look strong and are starting to flower. These are ‘Kentucky Wonder’ beans, which are usually eaten fresh, but can also be dried and used as a shell bean.

Squash Three Sisters.jpg

Meanwhile, for the winter squash, I have a lot of squash blossoms and a few recognizable squash fruits on the vine. Here’s the largest one so far. This is a variety called ‘White Cushaw.’ One reason I chose it is that it’s supposed to have good resistance to squash bugs. It must, because it’s still alive.

Green Corn.jpg

And finally, here’s the corn, which I just started harvesting today. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be green. This is ‘Oaxacan Green’ corn, and it’s a kind of grain corn, so the end goal is to make some really odd looking -but tasty!-corn bread.


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