Two Herbs: Borage and Burdock

I’m growing a couple of new-to-me herbs this year, borage and burdock. Here’s a little about each.

This is borage. Both the flowers and leaves are edible, and they taste like cucumbers. I’ve been sampling the plant as it grows, and I like the taste, but my husband tried it and did not like the texture. I’ve read that borage can get as tall as 3 feet, but these plants are closer to 1 foot at the moment. I have just a few borage plants in among a few other herbs and vegetables, including chives and cucumbers. It’s an unusual looking plant, but I think the flowers are pretty. Borage is also supposed to be a good plant for bees.

Borage 2

And this is burdock, a plant that is usually  grown for the roots, which are harvested and eaten like other root vegetables. It’s popular in Japan. If left alone, these biennial plants will produce a flower stalk in the second year, but I’ll dig them up in the fall and harvest the roots. Looking forward to seeing how that goes! I planted this burdock in a bed with two other crops that were harvested earlier in the season – lettuce and purslane. That actually worked out well. I was able to harvest those crops while the burdock plants were still small, and then they gradually filled in the extra space.


3 responses to “Two Herbs: Borage and Burdock

  1. Megan, burdock root is an essential ingredient for three root root beer. That was the one Mom said she could tell it was authentic since it tasted like dirt. The recipe has sassafras root, licorice and burdock root. Save me some so I can take another crack at that recipe. Dad

  2. Your garden is looking lovely! I grow borage most years because its a fantastic pollinator attractor – i.e. great for bees, which need all the help we can give them! Heres one of my plants from last year

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