Lemon Squash: So Far, So Good

I try not to get too excited about growing squash, because it usually ends badly. But I always want to believe that this will be my year. With that in mind, this year, I’m trying a variety of techniques to keep the terrible squash bug from killing all my plants.

One is the usual: I remove squash bug eggs whenever I find them. Also, I started using an organic-approved insecticidal soap this year on squash leaves, which is supposed to deter crawling insects of all kinds. And I also planted at least one variety that is supposed to have good bug resistance. Enter the lemon squash.

It’s probably too soon to tell if this will be a good year for squash, but I have two out of three squash plants are at least still alive, and I’ve harvested half a dozen squash. So already, better than average! Take a look at this summer squash, which really does look a lot like a lemon.

Lemon Squash 2.jpg

Lemon Squash 1.jpg

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