This year I planted zinnias for the first time, so I have been getting to know these fun flowers. I put them in one corner of my vegetable garden planted in with sunflowers and amaranth, which I think will be pretty when those plants start to bloom. In the meantime I’m enjoying the zinnias. I planted three different kinds, and here’s what they all look like.

When I was ordering seeds, the zinnias that caught my eye were the ‘Cactus Bright Jewel Mix,’ which I got from FedCo seeds. I think they’re pretty, if maybe a little shaggy looking.

Zinnia 1

I also picked up two other types of zinnia seed from a friend. Both come from Baker Creek, and are varieties that only come in one color. The purple flower below is ‘Dream,’ and the red one is ‘Will Rogers.’


While I like seeing all the zinnia colors mixed together, so far these red ones are my favorites, and I thinking they’ll be especially pretty with the sunflowers, when those start blooming. Will have to wait and see, and then of course, post pictures, and also order more zinnia seeds for next year. 🙂


2 responses to “Zinnias

  1. Martha jane Gentry

    Zinnias are my absolute favorite (other than daffodils in the spring…).  You will find that there are so many colors and varieties – – I over-buy almost every year.  They are cheerful plants!!!

    | |

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