Three Sisters Family Photos

The three sisters plot of corn, beans and squash is coming along well! (You can read more about the general idea here.) Below are some recent photos.


So first, this is a group photo where you can see all three types of plants together. Looking good plants! Now some individual portraits.


This is the corn, which has gotten quite tall, but not as ridiculously tall as the corn I grew last year. (It’s maybe 6 feet tall instead of 12.) One reason for the change may be that it’s a different variety: I planted ‘Oaxacan Green’ this year instead of ‘Bloody Butcher.’

Beans Climbing.jpg

And here are the pole bean plants, which are starting to climb the corn stalks, just like they’re supposed to. Good work beans!


And here’s the squash, which is also doing well, at least for the moment. (I have a lot of problems with squash bugs.) But right now, it looks healthy, and is doing what it’s supposed to do: Spreading in under the corn stalks to take advantage of the empty space and help keep the weeds down.


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