Potatoes from a Hay Bale? Harvest Report

Well, the potato plants in the hay bales never really took off, so I wasn’t expecting much.

There are any number of possible reasons for this, including the fact that you’re actually supposed to use straw bales not hay bales. Probably more importantly, these bales were pretty tightly packed, which didn’t give the plants a lot of room to grow.

At their best, they looked like this. Relatively healthy, just not very big.


And then they started growing sideways, and this is as good as it got. They were never any bigger.


So that, when I opened up the bale, there really weren’t any potatoes there. The inside had started composting, like it was supposed to, but no potatoes.

Potato Bale

This was the entire harvest, and as you can see, it wasn’t pretty.

Potato Photo.jpg

So, that was a bit underwhelming, but I still have high hopes for the potatoes that were planted in bags of leaf mulch. Those plants are still growing, so it’s not time to harvest yet. We’ll see how it goes!





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