Summer Kale

It’s been a hot couple of weeks, and while many of the greens in my garden are still hanging on (you can do it lettuce!), one of the few that’s really thriving is kale. Because that’s how great kale is! It’s known for a very cold-tolerant vegetable, but it also stands up well to heat, when many other greens have a tendency to bolt, or to simply wither and die.

Another nice thing about kale is that you don’t have to harvest the whole plant, you can just keep removing a few leaves. I have three plantings of kale going at the moment (including the seeds I started in a cold frame in January) and am harvesting from all three.

So, kale. I’m a fan. This year, I’m growing two different varieties, and have already posted some photos of ‘Scarlet Kale,’ so here’s the other one:’Nero Toscana.’ As you can see in the photo, it is looking a little bug-eaten. If I have just one problem with kale, it’s that pests tend to like it, too. My first line of defense is usually just to squash any insects I find on the plants.


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