First Potato Harvest

This week, we started to harvest our first ever crop of potatoes! Here are a few photos.

Harvesting Potatoes 1

We planted several types of potatoes over the course of several weeks this spring, using a few different methods. These were planted the usual way – in the ground. They were the first potatoes we planted, and the first that were ready to dig – the tops of the plants had died back, indicating that it was time to harvest. In the photo above, you can see the soil being loosened with our shiny, brand new spading fork. Since this is the first year we’ve grown potatoes, I had to run out and buy one from the hardware store.

Potatoes 3

A closer look at the potato plants. You can see that some are still green and growing, while others have dead leaves. We only harvested from the ones where the leaves had already died back.

Potatoes 2

And here are the first few potatoes! We harvested about a dozen and have already eaten them all. The rest of the plants were planted a week or two later, and are still growing. Looking forward to seeing the potato harvest from plantings in the hay bales and bags of leaf mulch will end up doing. Stay tuned.

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