Potato Experiment Update

Earlier this spring I wrote about growing potatoes three different ways, in soil, hay, and leaves. Here’s how that’s going. Unfortunately, it’s not a close contest.

Potatoes Ground

In the photo above, you can that my husband’s method, of planting in dirt seems to be working out pretty well.

Potatoes Hay

Meanwhile, my potatoes planted in a hay bale appear to be languishing. (This is not to say the method doesn’t work well, because I didn’t follow it as closely as I might have. For one thing, this is hay, not straw. I also didn’t fertilize as much as recommended ahead of time to help speed up the composting inside the bale.)


Meanwhile, the potatoes I planted in the bags of leaf mulch are not looking too bad! Interested to see what the final results are when it’s time to harvest. Stay tuned.

One response to “Potato Experiment Update

  1. Sorry to hear that some of the plants arent working out, but you still have time to get some more plants in in Autumn! I’ve got some growing tips for you here if you like > http://bit.ly/1taxY5n

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