Greens of Many Colors

Although “greens” is a useful catchall term for leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, kale, etc.) some of the plants that fall into that category aren’t actually green.  Here are just a couple of purple and red “greens” I have growing right now− all beautiful plants that add color to my (otherwise very green) vegetable garden.

Mustard 2.jpg

So first we have this beautiful green and purple plant- possibly the prettiest plant in my garden right now. This is ‘Osaka Purple’ mustard, which I as you might guess from the name is a Japanese mustard. It’s a spicy green that can be eaten in salad mixes, but is also good cooked. I love the spicy taste of mustard greens, and planted a bunch of types this year, so will probably have more photos to post eventually.

Red Sails Lettuce 2And here we have a red green. This is ‘Red Sails’ lettuce, and it is an award-winning lettuce variety!  It’s a little hard to get excited about that, isn’t it? Lettuce pretty much tastes like lettuce. But it is pretty, so I’ll give it that. I’ve been eating this in salads.

Scarlet Kale 3.jpg

And this last photo is of ‘Scarlet’ kale, which started out green, but keeps getting more and more purple. This is from Seed Savers Exchange, and when I looked at the photos they have online, it looks just a little more purple than this, so we’ll see how the color changes. I’ve already been harvesting some, mostly just cutting off the lower leaves. I almost always prefer kale cooked rather than raw. We had some baked on pizza the other day and it was fantastic.

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