Potatoes in Hay, Leaves, and Soil

I’ve been wanting to try straw bale gardening, and decided to give it a shot this year with potatoes. The appeal for me was that you don’t have to dig for potatoes, when it’s time to harvest, you just open up the bale. Basic concept explained here: http://strawbalegardens.com/blog/2013/02/youll-never-grow-potatoes-any-other-way-again/

I used two hay bales instead of straw bales, because that’s what we had, but sometimes people do that too: http://www.mainegardenideas.com/how-to-grow-potatoes-in-hay-bales.html

And so far so good, here’s how one of the plants looks right now.


But I had a few extra seed potatoes, beyond what I needed for the straw bales, and I had an idea. I didn’t have any more hay bales, but I did have a lot of brown paper sacks full of composting leaves. And I thought, how different is it really? So I slit open a couple of bags of the mulch, and dropped in seed potatoes. Because why not? Here’s how that looks so far.

Potatoes in Leaf Mulch.jpg

Meanwhile, my husband has also gotten excited about growing potatoes, and decided to do this the traditional way- in dirt. (Whatever.)


How will this turn out? Who can say? I’ll post more updates as we get farther into the season.




2 responses to “Potatoes in Hay, Leaves, and Soil

  1. These potatoes are looking great! Ive tried haybaling for potatoes and it really didnt do it for me. But Ive tried some other space-saving ideas that I wrote about the results of over on my blog if you’re interested and want to try another method – http://bit.ly/1Ji9ihH

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