Spring Chives, Peas and Kale

Last time I posted pictures it had just snowed, but now it looks a lot more like spring. Here’s what’s growing right now.

Chives 2.jpg

Early perennials are popping out, including these chives, which are just starting to bloom. Unfortunately, when I put them in two years ago, I made the mistake of planting them in the annual bed, which made sense at the time, but… crop rotation. Right now they are right where I want to plant tomatoes, so I may be planting the tomatoes around this herb. We’ll see how that goes.


The sugar snap peas are also doing very well. We planted two varieties this year, one called ‘Dwarf Gray Sugar,’ and another simply called ‘Sugar Snap.’ Peas are unusually cold tolerant, so they were not at all bothered by the early snow on Easter. Now they’re getting big enough that they’re just starting to grab onto the trellis. Here’s one that recently made that leap. Onward and upward!


And here’s another cold-tolerant crop: This is ‘Scarlet’ kale. Kale is hardy enough to overwinter when it’s planted in fall, but in this case, I actually planted it mid-winter, using a cold frame, and that gave it a head start. We’ve had small kale plants for weeks now, but they’re finally starting to take off.

Weeds are also starting to really get going, so it’s time to go outside and deal with some of those. Happy gardening!

One response to “Spring Chives, Peas and Kale

  1. Looks like a fab time in the garden! I always have a little chive growing at my place, its an easy thing to throw into a dish and it always makes a huge difference. I normally grow mine from seed – http://bit.ly/1SHbjuJ

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