Grinding Grain Corn

Last year we grew a little bit of Bloody Butcher grain corn. Last weekend, we finally got a chance to grind the corn, using a friend’s grain grinder. Here are just a few photos.

First, a closeup of the corn.

Bloody Butcher Corn

Below is a look at the grain grinder. They come in all different models, but this is an old one, which is hooked up to a motor.

Bloody Butcher Corn 2

And here’s a closeup of the corn after grinding. This was after one time through the grinder, after this we did a second grind to make it finer.

Corn 3.jpg

In the end, we got a good sized bag of the cornmeal.


Now the cornmeal is in the freezer, and we’re planning what to do with it. Cornbread? Pancakes? Polenta? These are hard choices.


One response to “Grinding Grain Corn

  1. Looks great! I vote for corn muffins, save me one. Mom of course prefers pancakes. Dad

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