Gardening in January

“January gardening” sounds like an oxymoron (at least in our cold, Midwestern climate), but it’s actually been a pretty busy month. Here’s what’s been going on.

First, seed ordering. I’ve placed all my seed orders for this year, and they’re starting to come in the mail. This is what I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company this year. Of the seeds below, I am most excited to try the Jelly Melon (orange fruit shown in the picture below.) More seeds due to arrive later this week.


Meanwhile, out in the garden. The garlic I planted last fall is starting to come up.  Unfortunately, it’s not just the plants sprouting, but the entire clove popping up, which means I need to go around later today and push them back in. Still, it’s nice to see green things growing!


Constructing a cold frame. This has been another January project. Take a look and see if you can identify all the pieces.

cold frame_1.jpg

OK, those are bricks on the bottom lifting it off the ground, and a shower curtain folded over to cover the top with a double layer of plastic. Keeping the plastic in place on one side, is a single long tomato stake (pulled it out of the garage) and some repurposed kitchen materials (those are chip clips). The big wooden piece is part of an old fluorescent light fixture I found at our local Habitat Restore. It was all one piece, no assembly required.

I planted this with spinach and kale, both cold hardy veggies, and they’re just starting to sprout! Not the world’s most attractive photo, but here’s what that looks like:


I’ve also been working my way through a stack of gardening books that I’ll write about one of these days.

Happy winter gardening!



One response to “Gardening in January

  1. Awesome post! I love the garlic picture- feels like a promise of Spring. Your cold frame is very neat the way you repurposed the light fixture. Love you


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