Malabar Spinach: Oh How it Grows

If I had one plant that grew especially well this year, it was Malabar spinach. Here’s a photo of the plant growing.

Blog 2

And below is a photo of a typical harvest. The leaves are the only part of the plant you eat– and they look and taste quite a bit like regular spinach. (Although some people I know are not fans of the texture. I’ve even heard the word “slimy” used to describe it. Whatever. I think it’s great.)

Malabar Spinach 6

This summer and fall, I’ve harvested huge number of leaves from the plant, and that’s barely kept it in check. Which is great! I’m glad it’s grown so well. But it is remarkable how far the vines have spread from a single plant. Here are a few photos of this plant taking over my garden.




Corn-StalksMalabar Spinach 9

By the way, for anyone following the Garden Connect project, this was my only successful crop from that garden bed this year (apparently it’s resistant to flooding!) I planted it as a substitution for regular spinach.


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