Cucumbers Into Pickles

What is it about lemon cucumbers? I’ve grown them the past two years, and in both cases, the plants were far more productive than my other cucumber plants.

If you haven’t seen one before, this is what they look like when they’re growing.


And here’s a look at one plant that turned out to be particularly aggressive.
(It’s the one in the foreground. This is a small part of the total plant.)

cucumber vines 3

Below is  another look at this monster plant. Look, it’s climbing one of the tomato cages! I also had to keep cutting it loose from the peppers. And the soybeans. And the summer squash. The celery never recovered.

Cucumber Vines

The plant finally collapsed, but before that happened, we got dozens of cucumbers.


Once the harvest got to be more fresh cucumbers than we could eat, I made refrigerator pickles. And here they are!

Cukes 3

Here’s the recipe I used as a starting point:  (I varied it a little based on what we actually had in the kitchen. Mainly that included using a mix of white vinegar and rice wine vinegar rather than apple cider. I also threw in some coriander.)

I think they turned out pretty well, which is good, because we have three quarts of them.


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