Perennial Excavation

We have a long strip of perennial beds on the south side of our garden, and while I’ve been busy focusing on the larger annual beds, those perennial beds have been getting a little overgrown. Weeding this past week was like an archeological excavation: I had to keep clearing away layers to see what was underneath. The mint era was long and flourishing. Anyway, here are a couple of plants that were somehow living amidst the ruins.

This is a honeyberry or Haskap plant. Here’s an article with more about this type of fruit-bearing shrub. We have about five of these on the border of the garden.


And somewhere in there we had two surviving milkweed plants: food for monarch butterflies. This one has a caterpillar on it!


There were other surviving plants, but these were the most photogenic. You don’t want to see what the strawberry or asparagus patches look like at the moment, and I don’t want to post a photo of the mint. That might encourage it.


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