Things I Did Not Know About Corn

We’re growing grain corn in our garden this year, and I’m surprised by how much I’m learning about this plant. It’s not as if I’ve never seen corn before, (I live in Kansas) but it’s amazing how much more you notice about a plant when it’s growing in your back yard and you see it every day. Here are a few things that surprised me.

#1: Corn can get 15 feet tall. 


OK, that’s just a guess, but I think it’s reasonably close. In this photo, if you can pick out the tomato plants in the foreground of this picture, the tallest tomato plants are about 7 feet tall, and the corn towers above them. I’ve been reading about it online, and apparently that’s not such an unusual height for some types of grain corn while sweet corn is usually shorter.

#2. Corn Attracts Bees.


When I went out to take these pictures, I couldn’t believe how many bees there were flying through the corn tassels, but maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise. The tassels are where the pollen is at (more about all that here). By the way, this was taken with a telephoto lens: Even though these tassels are drooping toward the ground, they’re still way over my head.

3. Corn is Fun to Photograph.

Corn-Tassel Corn-Silk054

I haven’t been this fascinated by a plant since I started taking pictures of onions!

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