Not Just Vegetables Anymore

Finish this sentence. When I think gardening, I think…

For me that sentence always ends with “vegetables.” (Or a specific vegetable of some kind.)

For a lot of other people gardening means “flowers.”

And for some enthusiasts, it’s “fruit.”  One of those people is my spouse, so while I remain vegetable-focused, we have an increasing number of fruit-bearing trees, bushes and brambles growing in our yard.

Here’s the list of what we have planted so far. (I can never keep track of it all, but he just emailed me a list.) So to cut and paste:

Apple trees
2 Ashmead’s Kernel
2 Dabinett
2 Golden Russet
2 Hudson’s Golden Gem
2 Roxbury Russet
2 Wickson
(one of the above dead — variety unknown)

1 Consort (black)
1 Minnesota 52 (red)
1 pre-existing (red)

2 (variety unknown)

2 Red (1 Mars, other variety unknown)

3 Aurora
3 Borealis
3 Tundra
(one of the above dead — variety unknown)
3 Blue Moon
3 Honey Bee
3 Sugar Mountain Blue

3 Seedling — 2 DEAD

2 Duchess d’Angouleme
2 Yellow Huffcap

1 flowering
1 Limon fruiting

Some of these are newly planted, but this year we’ve already harvested strawberries (curiously not on the above list), and are starting to get currants.  Also, the blackberries are coming along, we should have grapes this year, and the apples are looking good too. This should be the first year we harvest fruit. (Fingers crossed. Knock on wood.)

Pictures of the strawberries, currants and apples below, all from yesterday. (By the way, I ate that strawberry immediately after I took the picture.)




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