Pros and Cons of a Rainy Month

It’s been raining steadily for what feels like several weeks, and that’s both good and bad in the garden.

Good: Weeding is easier. When the soil is wet it’s easier to pull weeds out of the ground and you get more of the roots.

Bad: Preparing garden beds to plant is difficult. It is not easy to dig in the mud, and a rototiller is impossible. If a garden bed wasn’t ready to go before it started raining, it’s still not ready.

Good: No need to water!

Bad: Plants need sun, too. I think a few sunny days would really help the strawberry fruit ripen up.

To end on a positive: Here are a few plants I have right now that are thriving on all the rain.


Peas don’t mind a little rain!


A day with an overcast sky is a great time to transplant! When I put in these tomatoes, they benefited from several cool days without a lot of heat or direct sun.


And lettuce loves rain too! It’s like living under a grocery store produce mister!


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