Let’s Call It a Salad

My lettuce, spinach and arugula aren’t nearly big enough to pick yet, but I just harvested and ate a salad from my garden. Looks good doesn’t it?

So what’s in it, you might ask…


First, mostly radish greens. I planted these radishes way too thickly this year, and they badly need to be thinned.  But some people actually grow them this way on purpose, so hey, let’s call them microgreens.


Same thing with the pea plants. Did I intend to overplant? Well sure, because pea shoots are so delicious!


Also appearing in this salad: Sorrel, a perennial herb. The beauty of this plant is we put it in a few years back and you don’t really have to do anything with it. I sometimes even forget it’s there, but it just keeps coming back.


And so does this plant: Let’s call it a self-seeding perennial herb. The dandelion greens I threw into the salad were from a plant that had not yet flowered, which supposedly makes them more tender.


I love that with gardening, like with cooking, sometimes you can still eat the mistakes. 🙂


One response to “Let’s Call It a Salad

  1. Looks like a lot of action in the garden. Dad

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