A Few Spring Photos

OK, now it’s starting to look like spring! Here are a few photos I took yesterday.


This is what the trees are doing.


And tulips? Yep, the tulips are out.


Meanwhile in the garden, the strawberries are growing again.


And the garlic I planted in the fall is going strong.


And these are the very first shoots of asparagus!

Meanwhile there are tomato starts growing in the basement, and the first spring crops (radishes, lettuce, onions, arugula) are starting to sprout. But none of these are looking too photogenic at the moment, so no pictures today.

(I don’t like to share unflattering photos, even of plants.)


2 responses to “A Few Spring Photos

  1. Are those apple blossoms?? looks promising for cider. Dad

  2. That’s the Bradford Pear, but we do have blossoms on the apple tree. Fingers crossed that we get apples this year.

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