Starting Tomatoes


I started tomato seedlings over the weekend.

How do you decide when to start seeds? I used this seed calculator:

After plugging in our final frost date, it gave me the range Feb. 25 to March 18. (So yes, I’m a little on the late side.)


Here are the varieties I started:

Jasper (red cherry tomato)
SunGold (yellow cherry tomato)
Martha Washington (large pink fruits)
Cherokee Purple (large green and reddish fruits)
Monica (sauce tomato)
Paisano (sauce tomato)

This year I’m trying something new. Both the sauce tomatoes (which are the kind you want for canning) are determinate varieties. That means that if all goes well, they should all ripen around the same time, giving us a large enough harvest to make canning worthwhile.

And away they go!

2 responses to “Starting Tomatoes

  1. mamadeyoung2012

    wow, thanks for the tips and calculator link…removes sooo much guesswork (dislexic, reverse-math-challenged, hater of mental calcs) for me

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