A Garden Poem

Plans for Next Year’s Garden: A to Z

A is for amaranth. This plant grows like a weed!
B is for beans, because it’s easy to save seed.
C is for cilantro (and coriander too)
it’s all one plant and what you call it’s really up to you.

D is for dill, plant some for the butterflies.
E is for eggplant, eat them when they’re any size.
F is for fenugreek, some people grow it for the tea,
or as a substitute for coffee, but that doesn’t work for me.

G is for garlic, an herb that’s a delight,
H is for horseradish, with an even stronger bite
I is for iceberg lettuce, OK, this one is a lie
I’ve never really grown it, and I doubt I’ll ever try.

J is for Jerusalem artichoke, a tasty tuber treat
K is for kale, after a frost it will get sweet
L is for leeks, not easy to grow from seed,
but put them in as transplants, and you’ll harvest all you need.

M is for mustard greens. They do well in the heat.
N is for nasturtium, a flower you can eat!
O is for onions, plant them early in the spring,
if they don’t grow very well, you can always eat them green.

P is for parsnips, a most prolific root
Q is for quince, a quite uncommon fruit
R is for radishes, an easy crop to grow
and so cold-tolerant that they don’t mind a little snow.

S is for strawberries, a perennial June treat
T is for turnip, both root and greens are good to eat
U is for upland cress, I’m planting some this year
never tried this green before, but it’s good from what I hear.

V is for variegated basil, tasty and pretty, too
W is for winter squash, one of these days it will come through
X is for Xitomatl, a word I did not know
but the internet tells me that it means ‘tomato’

Y is for yarrow, a bitter herb for brews
Z is for zucchini, more than you can use!
I don’t intend to follow this garden plan down to the letter
But I hope it makes you want to get to know these veggies better!


2 responses to “A Garden Poem

  1. I love your clever poem! Thank you for making “b” beans, not beets. 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome. That was a popular decision in this household also.

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