End of the Season: Digging Parsnips

The garden is just about done for the season, so here’s one more post and then I won’t be back regularly until it’s time to plant in spring. (By the way, if you’re following this blog, consider signing up to follow by email, so that you’ll be notified of any new posts automatically. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.)

This weekend I harvested and ate parsnips from the gardenconnect plot. This is the first year I’ve grown parsnips, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I think I got a pretty good harvest! See photos below.


I planted parsnips early in the season, but you’re not supposed to harvest until after frost. I picked this weekend to dig up these roots because now we’ve had a good cold spell, but it’s also been rainy, so it was relatively easy to pull the roots out of the wet soil.


They were a little muddy…


But they cleaned up well! This is the entire harvest from my one garden connect square.


And today, I roasted them with a bunch of other root vegetables, and I ate them.

The verdict: I like parsnips. Will have to plant some again next year.

So long for now!

— Megan


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