Back to the Garden

I’ve been out of town for a couple of weeks, leaving the garden in the care of a friend who kindly offered to water while I was gone. As strange as it feels to walk away from a garden during the growing season, it’s exciting to come back and see how much everything has grown. And not just the weeds! Here are a few photos of the highlights.


So as I may have mentioned before, some of the crops in the garden connect bed can be planted twice a year. Lettuce and spinach grow well when it’s cool, so it’s easy to do one crop in the spring, and another in the fall. My spinach doesn’t seem to have taken, but the lettuce (above) in the garden connect bed is doing well.


You can also do multiple plantings of carrots and beets per year, so I replanted those in the garden connect beds, as well. Here’s a shot of the carrots. I did switch up the variety this time. The garden connect plan called for purple carrots– which is great because they’re supposed to be especially nutritious. But around here we have heavy clay soil, and the carrots I planted earlier in the year didn’t do terribly well. (They can’t seem to get deep enough into the ground.) For a second crop, I chose the much rounder (almost turnip-shaped) ‘Paris Market’ variety of carrots I’ve planted elsewhere in the garden, and have had much better luck with.


In non-garden connect news, I’m also growing some turnips. This garden bed is interesting because it’s a mix of turnips and bok choy: I didn’t really intend to plant it all mixed in together, but apparently I planted those rows too close together, or managed to mix the seeds together at some point. Anyway, the turnips are a sweet white Japanese turnip. Haven’t harvested any yet, but it’s about that time!

2 responses to “Back to the Garden

  1. I’m envious, we definitely won’t be doing a second planting in our montana backyard garden. I’m just hoping for a few more days of sunshine for the last of my ripening tomatoes!

  2. Good luck, I hope you get that last few days of sun!

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