New, Not Yet Exciting

We might still get a few hot days this year, but based on the plants that are growing, it’s officially fall in my garden. Goodbye summer squash and cucumbers, hello salad greens!

Unfortunately, that means that everything new in the garden right now (lettuce, spinach, peas, kale, radishes, turnips, beets and carrots) isn’t too exciting to look at yet, because they’re all still seedlings, and they look a lot alike at this stage. But who cares? Let’s look at a few photos anyway!


These are peas.


Those are radishes.

012And here we have turnips.


I’ve also replanted the Garden Connect bed, so here’s what that looks like right now. Tomatoes, a pepper, and parsnips are still standing. Lettuce, beets, carrots and spinach have all been replanted.  Can you see the green specks in the dirt? Those are them.

Happy fall!



3 responses to “New, Not Yet Exciting

  1. These all look so lovely! Even if they are small, now is the perfect time to get your successive planting underway so that you can harvest all year round! I wrote a bit of an article on how to get started, you can check it out if you like

  2. I see my question about replanting the Garden Connect plot is answered here 🙂 When do you normally exoect the first frosts in your area? It seems that your season is quite long? There are not many things I can still sow here – just some hardy greens and maybe spinach, but even those will need some protection once it gets colder.

  3. Sorry for the slow response: We do have a fairly long growing season. Our last spring frost is about April 15, and first fall frost is about Oct. 15. What are your typical frost dates?

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