Tomato Overload?

It’s August, and there are tomatoes everywhere. Here are a few of the types currently residing in my garden.


The photo above is a small part of an enormous cherry tomato vine, which I think is trying to take over the world. The plant (the variety is ‘Jasper’) started out in one wire tomato cage that couldn’t begin to contain it. The vine has now worked its way down a row of five tomato cages and is winding its way around all of them. If during the past month, I’ve left cherry tomatoes on your porch, now you know why.


We’re also getting a lot of these paste tomatoes, which as I’ve mentioned before are a San Marzano type. They’re especially good for cooking, so I’ve been eating salsa as fast as I can. I’ve also frozen a few of these tomatoes, and I tried drying some, but that didn’t go well. If I ever get the solar food dryer figured out I’ll post more information about some of my failures. Until then, just forget I said anything.


And these are ‘Martha Washington’ tomatoes, which are also doing quite well. You’d think because they’re named after a historic person that they would be an old heirloom variety, but actually no. This is a new-fangled hybrid, which is interesting, because I think people tend to associate heirlooms with great taste and unusual colors. This tomato has both. It’s pink, which may not be obvious from the photos, and yes, it’s delicious, especially when eaten fresh (or in salsa).


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