Three Great Things About Dill


I’m growing dill this year, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite herb. Here are three things I love about it.

Caterpillar Dill

1. Black swallowtail caterpillars love dill too! (Here’s a fact sheet more on that and other butterfly friendly plants from the Colorado State Extension.)


2. It’s kind of pretty when it flowers.


3. It’s great for pickles! That’s especially useful because I have a lot of cucumbers this year. The photo above shows refrigerator pickles made with lemon-type cucumbers, rice vinegar, red pepper, garlic and fresh dill. They taste much better than they look.

2 responses to “Three Great Things About Dill

  1. I’m a big fan of dill as well. I let it seed off everywhere and I’m rewarded with fabulous flavor, lovely seed heads and cute little caterpillars! Great plant all around!


  2. It is a great plant, isn’t it? I just checked out your site and you have some great garden photos. Will follow on Facebook.

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