Tomato Optimism


Last week I was feeling pretty downhearted about my tomato plants, and I put up a pretty pessimistic blog post. But oh what a difference a week makes.

Here’s why things are looking up:

  • The Green Zebra plant still looks terrible– large sections of it have died. However, it’s still producing fruit, and we’ve been able to harvest some of it! (See green tomatoes in photo above.) The fact that we’ve gotten ANY fruit off this struggling plant feels like a victory.
  • Although the first round of paste tomatoes had major problems with blossom end rot, the new tomatoes on those plants don’t have the same problem (see photo below). Now I’m harvesting healthy looking tomatoes, without those horrible rotten spots.
  • A few of the other full-size tomatoes are starting to ripen. The ‘Cherokee Purple’ and ‘Martha Washington’ are both ripe enough to eat now, and that adds a lot of variety to the mix.

It’s not all cherry tomatoes anymore!

So, good news for now, but who knows what next week will bring. Please stay tuned for more tomato drama.


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