Round Carrots and Other Unusual Veggies


Yes, this carrot is supposed to look like that. It’s a variety called ‘Paris Market,’ and it’s supposed to be especially good in shallow or rocky soil. And it is! I’ve had very little luck growing longer, thinner carrots in my garden, but this turnip-shaped type has done well.


I’m growing a few other unusual varieties, and since you can see several of them in this photo I took yesterday, it seemed like a good time to do a vegetable variety roll call . Here’s what’s in the photo:

  • The pale green squash are a variety of zucchini called ‘Alexandria’. Tastes like summer squash, just an unusual color.
  • The beans are ‘Gita,’ a variety of Chinese long bean.  They taste like regular green beans, but since they’re longer and skinnier, they cook up a little differently. It’s easy to get them sort of crispy when cooking, which I like.
  • That greenish-yellow tomato hiding under the beans is a ‘Green Zebra.’ I’ve had trouble with the plant, but have fortunately been able to harvest a few, which is good news, because I love the flavor of this variety. It’s sweet, but also just a little tart.
  • The tomatoes are a San Marzano type. which is a paste type, good for sauce and salsa.
  • That yellow-white round thing in the center is a lemon cucumber. Same cucumber taste, slightly different shape. It does have more seeds than a typical cucumber, which personally, doesn’t bother me.
  • And finally, the cherry tomatoes are hiding at the very bottom of the colander, and you can’t really see them, but I’m sure you knew what those looked like anyway. I’m growing ‘Sungold’ (orangish) and ‘Jasper’ (red). Both are sweet, and super reliable.

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