Tomato Trouble (Again)


My husband insisted we plant lots of cherry tomatoes this year “because even if all the other tomatoes fail, we always get cherry tomatoes.” I wanted to believe that was unnecessarily pessimistic, but once again, it’s turning out to have been the smart move.  The cherry tomatoes in the photo above are a variety called ‘Jasper,’ and they’re doing really well.

Blossom-End Rot

Meanwhile, the paste tomatoes are suffering from blossom end rot. (Again.)


And our lovely  ‘Green Zebra’ plant is beginning to collapse and die. (Also, again.)  I can’t stand to show you the whole plant, so here’s a photo with a representative dead leaf.

I know: This is kind of a bummer. You should go back and look at the picture of the cherry tomatoes again. It’ll make you feel better. (And if you have tomato growing tips for me or your own tales of tomato woe to share, by all means post them in the comments.)


4 responses to “Tomato Trouble (Again)

  1. Hello, Megan! We have only cherry tomatoes – and the variety I planted this year is my most favorite yet – – just went out to check the tag and had to eat several – – Sweet Million. I’m so glad we followed your lead and mulched with leaves. It’s made a huge positive difference. MJG

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