Japanese Cucumbers

Cuke1I’m growing several types of cucumber this year, and one of them is a Japanese cucumber called ‘Nippon Sanjaku Kiuri.’ I got it from the Seed Savers Exchange catalog, and apparently the name translates to “Japan Three Foot Long Cucumber,” although according to the seed packet instructions, they’re best harvested at about a foot and a half.  It also suggests that you use a trellis if you want them to grow straight, otherwise the cucumber forms a coil.

I was running out of trellis materials, so these plants are being supported with wire shelves I had available.  I keep arranging the shelving to support the cucumbers as they appear, and it does help them grow straighter. The cucumber below is over a foot long!

2014-07-14 001 2014-07-14 005


3 responses to “Japanese Cucumbers

  1. I’m growing these for the first time as well. Mine are currently at about 7 inches. Can’t wait to try!

  2. Great! Let me know what you think when you do try them. I’ve only harvested one cucumber so far, and it was bitter, but I think that was just the one fruit, not the whole plant. I probably need to water more consistently. I’ve read that’s one of the problems that can lead to bitter cucumbers.

  3. Matt McLaughlin

    Mine are really bitter?? Did you have better luck with the taste? What are you doing with them? I’m thinking about pickling but I’m not sure how that would turn out.

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