Surprisingly Healthy Squash… So Far


Even though zucchini is supposed to be easy to grow, I’ve had terrible luck with it. The last two years my plants have been completely wiped out by bugs before I could harvest any significant amount of summer squash. So this year, I’ve been holding my breath… and it’s looking pretty good!


This is a photo of the zucchini I’ve harvested this week. The specific variety is ‘Alexandria,’ and it’s a hybrid. I chose it mainly because I like the pale green color, although it’s also supposed to have good flavor. I’d say it tastes like, you know, zucchini.

I hope to keep harvesting for the next few weeks, but there may be trouble ahead.SquashbugtroubleThese are hatching squash bugs. The squash bug is not my friend. When they get out of control they destroy the leaves and the plants die.

However,  you can deal with these organically, there are lots of tips online. My remedy of choice has been “handpicking,” which is what it sounds like. It’s not hard to remove the eggs, apparently the key is staying on top of it. I may have failed to keep up with this in the past, but this year will be different! Squash bugs, you have been warned!

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