Kansas in July

Micks Garden

Yesterday, we went to visit my in-laws, and my father-in-law, Mick is also following the Garden Connect plan in one corner of his garden. They don’t live far away, and maybe not surprisingly, his plot looks a lot like mine at the moment: Overflowing with plants! I think that’s just Kansas in July. See how many plants you can pick out of the photo above.

In this photo, I see a tomato plant, lettuce, green beans, beets, and a nasturtium. (There’s also a cucumber plant in this foreground that’s from a different garden bed.)

Again, here’s the general plan we’re all following, although I believe Mick has switched around the squares a bit.


A few things of note about this particular plot. First, check out this nice square tomato cage. For a small space, it really does a nice job of keeping the tomato plant contained. A larger tomato cage wouldn’t fit the space, and with stakes, the tomatoes have much more room to take over the garden plot (as mine are currently doing.)

Tomato Cage

Mick is growing the same type of paste tomatoes that I am, a San Marzano. It’s still too early for tomatoes here, but this is what we’re picking a lot of in Kansas at the moment: green beans!


And finally, here’s something I’ve never seen before: A nasturtium. I couldn’t get one to come up in my garden. Good thing it’s not a competition, right?



One response to “Kansas in July

  1. So great that your father-in-law is participating, too! Fun to compare 🙂
    How is your plot doing now? Here in the Netherlands many vegetables are over, but beets, parsnips, beans and pepper are still looking good. Will you be replanting any of the squares?

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