Garden Connect Update: Group Photo


Here’s a look at what’s happening in the Garden Connect plot, and as with any group photo, it can be hard to get everyone in the shot, so I’ve divided it in two. The picture above is the left side of the plan below. You can see the kale and parsnips, then the cucumber and beans blending together, and lettuce below that. Not pictured: the spinach, which has all been harvested.


Meanwhile on the right side, we have chaos!  I’ve circled a few plants so you have any chance of seeing them, because they’re all hiding under the tomato. The pepper plant is completely dwarfed by the tomato, but it’s in that top black circle. Below that, I’ve circled one of the beet leaves, and on the far left, one of the most visible carrot tops. Not pictured: The yellow onions, which have already been harvested, and the Nasturtium failed to sprout.

Garden Connect Right



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