Garden Flashback

It’s been raining a lot, and we have standing water in the garden. There’s a nice little pond forming around the pepper plants:


And maybe I should have seen this coming, because here’s what that same corner of the garden looked like for a large portion of last summer:


The standing water didn’t seem to hurt the beans last year. I’m hoping the peppers stand up to it as well.

5 responses to “Garden Flashback

  1. We had 20+ inches of rain last summer. I think only the first 2 weeks of June and the majority of August were dry (for the whole year). My peppers and okra were just about the only thing that survived the rain. I’m still giving away gallon zip bags of peppers I froze from last year. I put up 12 gallon zip bags of peppers from the rainy summer harvest. I hope your peppers do even better!

  2. Martha jane Gentry

    Megan – Hope this reply works – – I have SO enjoyed your blog – and have just started using one of your ideas – mulching with leaves in the vegetable garden.  Or course, the rain has cooperated with thoroughly soaking the leafy mulch.  We’ve enjoyed our first beets – wish Charles had planted more!

    Martha Jane

  3. Martha Jane, thanks! Nice to hear from you. I really do like leaves as mulch. It amazes me that they don’t all blow away, but they seem to stay in place surprisingly well. I need to get more mulch down soon. The weeds are really going crazy with all this rain.

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