Going to Seed


I went out of town for a long weekend over Memorial Day, and while I was away from the garden, things got seriously out of control!

First: Weeds everywhere, many of them tomatoes. I have dozens of volunteer tomatoes that I’ve been pulling constantly, some of them the same size as the tomato plants I’m intentionally growing. This seems unfair.

Also: Zucchini on steroids. The plants easily tripled in size during the four days I was gone. This is not a bad thing, but a little startling.

And finally: Lots of my plants are bolting, or going to seed. This isn’t what you want, because when they get too far, they aren’t any good to eat.

For example, in this photo, you can see the spinach bolting in the foreground. There are few things on these plants that still resemble spinach leaves, it’s all about the big central stalk and the flowers. Also in this photo, you can see the onions bolting in the background. I didn’t even know onions would bolt, but they do. They also produce big central stalks, that in this case look like garlic scapes.


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