Leggy Tomato Plants

My tomato seedlings were ready to be moved into bigger pots over the weekend, which is good because they were looking a little leggy −a term meaning that they’re too thin and spindly looking, which is unhealthy. (If you also want to read that as a statement about the fashion industry, be my guest.)

Anyway, moving the plants into bigger pots was an opportunity to plant the seedlings deeper in the dirt, which helped take care of the problem. Also, I moved the plants up much closer to the lights, which should help keep them from trying so hard to grow upwards.

Here’s a look at the seedlings in their new pots. (Yes, these are just plastic cups with holes punched in the bottom for drainage. Worked well for me last year.) Right now I have 18 plants. I’m hoping they all do well so I can keep a dozen and still have some to give away.






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