Kind of Looks Like Squid


I bet you’re wondering what the heck this is. The answer: Asparagus crowns! I got these in the ground today. No one get too excited: Even if they do well, the absolute earliest time to harvest will be next spring. (Recommendations vary.)

The specific variety is ‘Jersey Supreme.’ Here’s a somewhat more attractive picture of the crowns, which came in the mail this week. You can also start these plants from seed, but I’m impatient, so I decided to start with one-year old crowns, which means we should be able to harvest asparagus that much sooner.




2 responses to “Kind of Looks Like Squid

  1. Interesting to see what they look like…I’ve just been planting dahlias today, they too look like something from a bad sci-fi movie! Hope they grow well for you…

  2. Nice. That makes me want to plant dahlias.

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