The Garden Connect Plot

As I’ve mentioned before, this year I’m participating in a project called Garden Connect. The idea is that everyone follows a simple plan for one 2 by 6 foot gardening bed and compares notes about the results. A bunch of other garden bloggers are participating, and we’re in a number of different climates (and countries), so the results should be interesting. Here’s more about the project, started by a guy named Matt Hiemstra in Canada, and links to others who are participating:

Anyway, last week, I went out and planted most of my Garden Connect plot. The garden plan is based on square foot gardening, which I haven’t tried before. You start by measuring a square foot, and then follow planting recommendations for how much you can put in each square. (More about this method here:

I decided to measure mine out with bamboo stakes, because they come in two foot lengths. (I have since added a few weights to hold them in place, and markers in case they move. Seems like good insurance until the plants start sprouting.)

So here’s the garden bed:


And here’s the garden plan it’s based on:


So far I’ve planted kale, and then the whole second row. One cool thing about this project is that it’s making me plant stuff I’ve never tried before. Parsnips, kale, onions and nasturtiums are all new crops for me.

I’ll keep you updated on how they progress. Happy gardening!


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