Picture Day for Chard

I started a bunch of chard from seed in the basement this summer (I started a lot of plants in the basement thinking that the cooler temperatures might improve their chances of germination), and I put in about eight chard plants a few weeks ago. I keep photographing these plants — because they’re doing really well!– but so far I’ve resisted posting any photos of them, because frankly, they haven’t been looking their best.

Nothing looks especially beautiful right after it’s been transplanted, and even after they started to recover, these plants have been having the equivalent of a bad hair day. They’ve been wilting in the heat, covered with mud, or just generally looking a little lackluster in every photo I’ve taken. Now they’re starting to look a little bug-eaten, but whatever. Today is the day! Please admire this chard plant.


One response to “Picture Day for Chard

  1. Looking good 😉 I must get mine in.

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